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Lisa’s year

As the year goes on you wonder where the time went and what did you do with it? My last 2 years has gone like a flash.  The best way to recap is when I close my eyes and I take snapshots of different scenes which strike me and...

Access Water – A Journey from Hope to Action

Liv Arnesen & Ann Bancroft


 In the Access Water project, renowed polar explorers and educators Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft will lead a team of six women, from six continents, on an 2525 km (1,569 mile), 60-day long expedition following the River Ganges from Gaumukh to the Bay of Bengal. Each of the women will be representing the key water challenges on their continent. Their journey together will be the centerpiece of a global awareness and outreach program that will spur us all to join hands in solving our global water crisis.